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"Finally, You Can Start to PROFIT with a PROVEN Part Time Trading System, but Make Full Time Profits. A Software Designed to Suit your UNIQUE Situation!"

Forex Profit Magic Turns a 30 Pips Movement into a 109 Pips Gain!

Forex Profit Magic - Trade Alert Software

  • FPM_Scalper and FPM_Swing are designed to suit your Unique Situation
  • Works on any Currency Pair regardless of chosen TimeFrame
  • MAGICALLY Turns small market Moves into Immense Pips Gains!
  • Tested on $250, $1,000 and $10,000 Trading Accounts and all PROVEN Profitable
  • Has Inbuilt Money Management to Ensure you remain a trader for a long long time!
  • Every Trade Alert has has precise Entry and Exit Positions protected by StopLoss and Trailing Stops
  • Done for Your Trade Signals with with 86.42% Accuracy.

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Ok, so I don’t watch Oprah. But my wife does… religiously. And she had filled me in on something Oprah calls an “A-Ha!” moment.

Basically, an “Aha” moment is one of those rare times in your life when the clouds open and you experience a moment of total illumination and clarity. Confusion is gone. “Paralysis analysis” disappears. ALL of the pieces fall into place, and suddenly EVERYTHING makes sense… You see the BIG picture, and you know exactly what to do next to get exactly what you want.

And Oprah has a point.

Looking back, I’ve had a TON of these pivotal moments throughout my time to secure a way of making money with Forex or even call it a profitable Forex Trading Business… moments of total clarity that have accelerated me from simply plodding along wondering what to do next to where I am now…

My name is Alexander Hamilton

Alexander HamiltonAnd yes! That’s my picture right there..

Am a Forex trader just like you

Am irrationally passionate about winning Forex systems just like you are

I Love to Support fellow traders best way I can..

Am 54 years old and NO I haven’t worked for a hedge fund or worked in treasury department or trade finance department for any big bank

My experience as a retail trader is 100% self-taught, for the last 10 years. I started out trading Forex Early 2002 and like I mentioned Earlier.. I didn’t strike it Rich with Forex Overnight – I started trading small accounts of $250 in year 2000 and started trading more seriously with a Trading account of USD $5,000 two years later.

About two years ago I met a trader who is passionate about succeeding in financial trading as well as helping others make money in this huge trading arena, that attracts $ 4 trillion daily. His name is Mike Ndegwa and we have been engaging over skype and telephone calls and we agreed that we’d do something together in view of helping his subscribers.

After an year of deliberation we have a laid out plan that will help as many traders as possible. But we don’t pretend to be know it all in forex.. we understand that there are those who have been before us.. Some have empowered many traders, others have failed many. In that respect we decided to do a survey to see where traders and trading coaches fail..

In our findings, we Discovered that majority of Traders are looking for an easy way to make it GREAT in forex.. without bleeding themselves dry with “paralysis analysis” and just wake up one day to wipe out their entire gains in their trading accounts in a Single Trade.

How to Achieve Consistent Trading Profits Month to Month
First off: Why do you trade? We all have different reasons why we trade, whatever your reasons are you only have TWO Goals as a trader i.e. If you know what you are doing

  1. Account Growth – Trade to increase capital base
  2. Income – If you have a considerable Big account then its fair to trade for profits

How do you know if you should Trade for Growth or Profit?
Let me give you an example, if you have a trading system that generates an average of 10% returns every month, then if you have a $250 account then thats $25 increase every month on the same if you have a $10,000 account that will be $1,000 Increase and if you have a $50,000 account that will be a $5,000 Increase. In the first instance, $25 returns is not significant to start with but if you compound you’ll have a considerable amount in 2 years or so. $1,000 a month  is a good part time income but $ 5,000 is a good Monthly Income Right? In summary: If you have a small capital you trade for Growth and if you have an Above Average Deposit you trade for Profits. With Forex Forex Profit Magic.. Whatever Route you go.. you’ll still have the life you want: Travel the world, Pay off Debts, Spend more time with friends and family doing what you love.
Pay-off your Mortgage
a vacation with friends
Live the Life You Want: Overcome Your Constraints
When I interviewed some traders on a simple questionnaire: These were some of the main Objects that hinder traders from Truly Succeeding in Forex:

  • Time – Most traders are either engaged in other day to day activities and getting that good trading signal requires time to research and analyze and at the end of the day.. The trade is NOT a Guaranteed Winner.
  • Consistency – Some traders have had upto 4 winning months but on the 5th one.. they lose tremendously wiping out their 4 month gain in a week or two. Just when do you say you are a professional trader and can rely solely on your trading efforts to earn a living.. leave alone being wealthy..?
  • Accepting Loss – We all know getting into a trade is not difficulty. but where majority of people fail.. is knowing when to get out.. Without it being too Early or too late.
  • Risk Tolerance – Just how much risk in terms of number of trades in the negative balance, number of losers to accept before you find a winner. Or simply asked: how much risk can you stomach so as to trade successfully?
  • Money Management – What rules of Money Management do you apply for which account.. and for which trading methodology?
  • Lack of Adequate Trading Capital – Most traders with a $2,000 account want to triple and quadruple their accounts in a month so that they can support their families from their trading efforts. But it doesn’t have to be this way.. Later on in this report I’ll show you how to make $500 account can attract up to 100K in Investment Funds and get to share 30% of the proceeds going forward.
  • Plus many more..

Guess what? All of the above can be summarized in one Sentence:

Lack of a Trading System

Did you know that the “Holy Grail” of Forex does Exist? I see traders obsessed with the win/loss ratio of a trading system and they discount other factors like Maximum Drawdowns and Maximum Consecutive losses . For example a system with 140% Growth Rate, 80% win rate but has a 90% drawdown and no defined roof for maximum loss counts.. translates to: … the fact that, You are likely to lose 90% of your funds to potentially grow your account to 140%.. Can you stomach that? Now, some of these facts are what marketers have been using to take advantage of majority of traders and lay them down like sheep for slaughter and squeeze each and every penny out of the traders and leave them worse that they found them..

“But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Today I present to you:

FOREX PROFIT MAGIC – A Forex system that Matches your Personality and Tailored to Suit your UNIQUE Situation… So that You Can CONSISTENTLY Make More MONEY Trading Forex!
And here is how Forex Profit Magic is built to help you establish a profitable trading business:
  • Suits Your Unique Situation – We have 24 hours in a day (8 hours sleeping, 8 hours working and 8 hours doing other things). So no matter how much time you have allocated to trade forex; Forex Profit Magic works with any time frame to suit all types of traders, Scalpers, Intra-day and Swing traders alike. Meaning you can trade as many times a day as you like or just trade once or twice a week/month.
  • Suits Your Budget and Goals – Now you don’t have to cry foul.. that you have a small trading trading account. We have tested Forex Profit Magic by trading 3 real money accounts (an underfunded $250 account, a medium $1000 Account and a well funded $10,000 Account ).. I’ll show proof below.
  • In-Built Money Management – Forex Profit Magic has inbuilt money management to limit number of open trades and lot size depending on available trading balance. This is not just some settings on MT4.. its a well thought out intelligent algorithm that automatically determines lot size per trade depending on a number of factors: Market Volatility, No of winners or losers recently closed, the amount of trading balance available, the number of open trades at the time, draw down limit, trading system expectancy and a few other factors are put into consideration.. This tool alone Inside the Forex Profit Magic is what makes this system to be the solution that many traders have been sub-consciously yearning for!
  • Maximum Gains Per Trade – Amongst other factors Forex profit magic is able to turn a 30 pip movement to be a 109 Pips Gain. This methodology is what inspired the name of Forex Profit Magic – As it Magically turns a small movement to be a Massive Gain! How the system does it, is our secret recipe. but I’ll give you hint: If a trend is confirmed in a given time frame.. Forex Profit Magic opens a successive trade after every one or two candles.. so a CONFIRMED TREND of 30 pips can have 5 open trades and when trades are closed after change of direction. Each trade will garner a minimum of 15 pips + 10 pips or so in trailing stop per trade. THUS, magically turning a simple move into increased Immense GAINS! on autopilot!?!
  • Profitability – 3 accounts on a scalping methodology and 3 Accounts Swing trading methodology with initial deposits of $250, $1,000 and $10,000 under each methodology and each account had over 100% gain in a period of 6 to 9 months.

Amazing Results Using Various Trading Methodologies

Below I’ll show you Exactly how Forex Profit Magic works as a Scalping Tool as Well as a Swing Trading Tool Regardless of the Account Size!

Scalping Trading

Account #1

Deposit: $250
Trading Period: 6 months
Profit: 1,163.70
Account Balance: 1,413.70
Forex Profit Magic Scalping on a $250 account

Account #2

Deposit: $1,000
Trading Period: 6 months
Profit: 4,637.34
Account Balance: 5,637.34
Forex Profit Magic Scalping on a $1,000 account

Account #3

Deposit: $10,000
Trading Period: 6 months
Account Balance: 48,442.22
Forex Profit Magic Scalping on a $10,000 Account

Swing Trading

Account #1

Deposit: $250
Trading Period: 6 months
Profit: 340.37
Account Balance: 590.37
Forex Profit Magic Swing Trading Methodology on a $250 Account

Account #2

Deposit: $1,000
Trading Period: 6 months
Account Balance:2,344.72
Forex Profit Magic Swing Trading Methodology on a $1,000 Account

Account #3

Deposit: $10,000
Trading Period: 6 months
Profit: 14,374.19
Account Balance:24,374.19
Forex Profit Magic Swing Trading Methodology on a $10,000 Account As you can see I put USD 22,500 to test on 6 separate trading accounts so as to prove this system will work for any trader so as to suit their personality, risk tolerance and of course their unique situation WITHOUT Compromising the Profitability of the Trading System!

In recap, Here is what you can do with Forex Profit Magic:
  1. Start Trading Forex Immediately even with a small Investment of $250..
  2. Trade Part Time and Yet Make FULL TIME Profits..
  3. Work Full Time with enough profits a day, So that you don’t get bored!
  4. Secure your Investment with Intelligent Risk and Money Management!
  5. And More ImportantlyTrade Forex Confidently without the FEAR that You might Burn your Account Tomorrow!

For more technical Features:

  1. Forex Profit Magic has a Defined Lot Size per Trade that Increased or Decreases based on various Factors Spanning: Marketing Volatility, number of Open trades, Available Margin, No. of Previous Winners/Losers, System Expectancy. HINT: This is what makes Forex Profit magic to be the Most coveted Forex System out there.
  2. Works with Any Broker that allows user of MetaTrader as their Trading Client – As a Scalper we recommend Using an ECN Broker as Opposed to a Broker with on Spot Dealing Desk!
  3. Trades Any Major Currency Pair – Including some commodities Like Gold, Silver and Oil ?!?
  4. Uses a combination of 3 MT4 Indicators and 2 Custom Indicators to generate Signals. The Indicators are in the following Categories: Forex Trend Indicator, Forex Volatility Indicator, Momentum Indicator, Forex Volume Indicator and Forex Cycle Indicator. The System is Open – NO, BlackBox BS…
  5. Uses Defined Take Profit and Stop Loss per trade, and even better a Trailing Stop is included to maximize gains!

“I Know you have heard enough and want me to hand you the System Already..

But Wait… We wanted to make Sure we have Everybody covered.. As an Icing in the Cake. Our Developer made sure that Forex Profit Magic is the Most User Friendly Trade Alert Software Available:

  • Easy To Use, you won’t need any technical knowledge.
  • The software tells you when to enter, when to exit, where to put a Stop loss!
  • Popup Alert, Sound Alert, Email Alert and Arrows that printed on your charts!
As you can see.. am Not blowing smoke here.. Here is a Screenshot to Show you exactly how Forex Profit Magic Signal Generator Works as your Trade Assistant! Forex Profit Magic - Trade Alert Software

This is the Last TREND Trading System You’ll Ever Need:

  • Complete Access to Forex Profit Magic Members Area
  • 100% Access to Members ONLY Bonuses
  • LIFETIME License to Forex Profit Magic – Trade Alert Software
  • 24/7 Fulltime Support on Email, Skype, Ticket and TeamViewer
  • Free Software Updates and Bonuses for 1 FULL Year..


You can Reach Support at:

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Forex Profit Magic a Robot or an Indicator ? – Forex Profit Magic is a Manual Trading System that has 4 custom Trend Indicators and 1 Expert Adviser. The functions of each tool is summarized on a single template to generate trading signals.
  • What is the Price of Forex Profit Magic ? - Forex Profit Magic is priced at $1,997 but on this Invite Only Page based on the relationship of the person who sent you the link to this page.. we are offering at an extremely Discounted Price of $397. If you landed here without an invite.. then consider yourself lucky :)
  • What is the best Currency Pair and/or Timeframe for this Manual System? – FPM is comprise of two independent systems FPM_Scalper and FPM_Swing and as the name suggests you can use the system in any timeframe and on any of the major currency pairs.
  • Do you offer a Guarantee? -Yes. I offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with my products for any reason – just let me know – and I’ll refund your money.
  • How much money can I make with this? – This is up to you. I don’t make outrageous income claims see statements. I do give you all the information and the EXACT System I use necessary to help you duplicate my results. As with any business venture, your success will depend on many factors including your ability to follow instructions, your desire, your motivation, and any other factors you allow to influence you.
  • Are there any other investments I must make? – As with any Online Trading you need trading capital and a forex broker who have the customers interest at heart. We recommend two in the members area.
  • I want more information! I want to see more charts and graphs… I want password to your trading account and confirm who you are! I want your social security #, DNA sample, Tax records… everything! -I give you plenty of information on this page for you to make an informed buying decision. If you don’t feel it is enough, then you don’t have to buy. And if you purchase and feel that the System I’ve provided you is sub-par; or if you feel I’ve misled you – then let me know right away and I’ll issue you a refund as per out money back guarantee policy.
  • Do you Offer Product Support? – Yes. Send a message to the Email I sent you when you purchased.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

 In the event you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply email our knowledgeable support team. If we can’t satisfy your needs or answer your questions, we’ll promptly refund your money. Why can we fearlessly offer this guarantee? Because your peace of mind is critically important to us. Now that you know that we stand by our word, give yourself that peace of mind by downloading, risk-free, the Forex Profit Magic Trade Alert software

To Your success,

Alex, Mike &  FPM  Team